Recruiting and Pre-Screening

CareerSource Pasco Hernando can save you money and time when searching for qualified candidates to fill crucial openings. Our specialists can help pin-point your needs and cross-reference them with local job-seekers–providing you with a ‘short list’ of skilled workers. In addition, CareerSource Pasco Hernando hosts Career Fairs where your representative can meet and screen prospective employees in person.

Depending on your staffing needs, CareerSource Pasco Hernando may be able to help you qualify for tax breaks and/or hiring incentives. For example, employers who hire or have committed to employ those receiving temporary family assistance under the Welfare Transition (WT) program may qualify to receive benefits such as reductions and/or credits on sales, plus corporate and other taxes. In addition, under the Work Supplementation program, worker’s benefits can be paid directly to the worker’s employer.

These employment programs can greatly benefit your business–especially when you consider that:

  • 76 percent of the WT participants have had workplace experience.
  • About half have completed high school (or GED) or received postsecondary education.
  • WT participants have received Job Readiness training.

To find out more about how CareerSource Pasco Hernando can benefit your business, call or email:

Hernando: (352) 251-7156
West Pasco: (352) 251-7451
East Pasco: (352) 251-7171

CareerSource Pasco Hernando strives to make your recruiting efforts easier and it’s as simple as reading the resume summary listings and then contacting the representative listed for more information for that customer.