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In order to help accommodate the increased volume of claims, DEO launched a new, mobile-friendly online application. This new system uploads data into the CONNECT system.
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Board Committees

Executive Committee 
The Executive Committee meets during intervals of the board meetings. All actions by the Committee are reported to the full board for review and approval.
Youth Committee 
The Youth Committee promotes the successful entry of individuals, including young people and adults, working for the first time to enter the workforce through education and work place experience. Committee members work closely with school boards from both Pasco and Hernando counties in crafting programs to encourage completion of high school and foster career exploration.
Audit and Finance Committee 
This mission of Audit and Finance Committee is to review and approve the organizational budget; review monthly financial statements; review and approve budget transfers and amendments; review and approve new funding budgets; and recommend cancellation of contracts to the board due to non-performance. The Audit and Finance Committee will also communicate with the auditors as necessary.